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26 December 2012

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mauro brando on Waiting for planting
Nice green great shot!

Luz on Kumo
Love your pictures Azusa. :)

AMH on Waiting for planting
hermoso campo verde . es una fotografía muy hermosa . un beso muy grande . Alejnadra

Dimitrios on Waiting for planting
mmm very interesting

omid on Kumo
very nice! so beautiful frame, clouds & colors! Lovely!

Basile Pesso on Clouds

matty on Orion beer & barbeque
nice food.....E-mail it to me a little bit

Peter on Harvest
This picture is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work with everyone.

Ian Smith on Ocean
Beautiful calm view.

Ian Smith on Harvest
Very good composition!

Mariana Maoduš on Harvest
Interesting compo !

SalSa on Orion beer & barbeque
hmmmmmm...nice shot

AMH on Okinawa
Zus!! What a joy to have you here!! a nice picture with a very beautiful fabric and those shadows left a mystery to the ...

AMH on Islands
is like a paradise. a big kiss. Alejandra

Sue-Ann on Islands
nice monochrome, like the ambiance of the picture...

omid on Islands
very nice!!!! so beautiful colors & lights!

B. Thomas on Ocean
Nice moody soft shot.

Sue-Ann on Ocean
very nice ambiance in this picture...

Basile Pesso on A winter day
Magnificent composition.

Basile Pesso on Ocean
Sober, wonderful.

omid on Ocean
very nice & so beautiful!

AMH on Ocean
a picture very soft and very beautiful. a kiss. Alejandra

AMH on Flower
a very nice photo, your photos are like visual poems. a kiss. Alejandra

omid on Flower
very nice & so beautiful!!!

Sue-Ann on Flower
I like the soft POV and color...

fereshteh on Rose
So beautiful....

Tinx on Rose
Very nice!

B. Thomas on Rose

AMH on Wisp
very delicate and beautiful. a hug. Alejandra

Matrixity on Peach

AMH on Flower
just sweet!! a kiss. Alejandra

omid on Sunnyside
wooow! very nice & so beautiful!!!

AMH on Island
beautiful place and beautiful your picture. is a haven. a kiss. Alejandra

Soheil on Island
nice shot well done

Aubélia on Island
This is beautiful. Have a nice day.

Hiro on Island
Beautifully captured.

sunstonemaria on Shallow water

omid on Cloud in Hilo bay
so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

omid on Shallow water
very nice!!! so beautiful color!!!

gogoli on Sky

omid on Sky
woow! very nice & beautiful!!!!! Lovely!

Thea on Sky
The sky is the limit here! :) Lovely shot!

Olivier on Graduation
I fly in this picture...

bahman parandin on Graduation
well done .great shot with nice composition.

AMH on Maunaloa
fabulous, really beautiful. a kiss. Alejandra

Stefan on Maunaloa
beautiful view!!

Nazzareno on Sunset
The color and the framing are just excellent

omid on Poolside

Bill Brown on Lava
Very nice capture!

Baldwin VW on Exploring
This scene with colors is more beautiful then yesterday's !!! Nice shot

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